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Spirit Talks – What stops you?


I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. What stops you?

The obvious things come to mind — fear, and, ah, well, that seems to be it, doesn’t it?
Fear disguised as many different elements in our lives.

What stops you?

I put together my first newsletter several years ago. It was a serious project for me.
I spent weeks on writing, formatting, choosing the colors and fonts and all the various decisions that go into putting a news letter out on the internet.
I asked for advice, help, suggestions from friends.

And, finally — I hit the send button with great satisfied that it was the most beautiful newsletter ever written.

I immediately received a response from one of the people who helped me. She said, “Congratulations, the news letter looks great. A few errors, but that doesn’t matter.”

WHAT!? Errors?
I reexamined that newsletter, no longer enjoying, appreciating my work, but searching for those damn errors. If I couldn’t find them what did it say about me? What did it tell others — that I was incompetent?

Funny, how the voice of the critic takes over and chatters forever.

Well, her comment stopped me.
Every newsletter after that has been a painful process of writing and rewriting.

So, I decided not to let it stop me anymore and work my way back to enjoying writing, communicating with friends and clients.

I’m putting everyone on notice — there will be errors in my newsletters, blogs, updates —
If you see them, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. I don’t need to know.
I refuse to let it stop me from chatting with you.

Namaste, roi