Archetypal Readings

“I had dreamed of moving to California for over 15 years but it seemed like there were always road blocks that kept me from living the life I wanted.  Roi uncovered the walls and excuses I had created and helped me to break down my barriers.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve moved to California and since then the floodgate of opportunities have opened for everything I’ve pursued. I am now writing and producing my own sitcom and am ever grateful to Roi!” Susie Lohse, 

white-boardYour archetypal reading helps you discover your forgotten dreams, untapped gifts, and hidden potentials. It provides a life-map of your patterns that shows how you connect to the physical, spiritual, and divine levels of your life. Together we examine your patterns and the beliefs that keep you from reaching your full potential.W

When you’re aware of which archetypes are active in your life then you have a strategy to make the changes that empower and improve your life.The Spirit of Archetype cards are a vital part of my practice, much like a Tarot deck or Angel cards; you get information you need quickly and clearly. It’s like working in shorthand.

You leave your session with a clear plan for creating and manifesting your new life plan.

Personal appointments in Madison and Milwaukee, or by telephone, or Skype.

All sessions recorded.

Reading are for 1 hour and include a set of Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance.
Reduced rate available if you already own a set of cards.

Reading Options (please make appointment before paying)
1-hour Reading Without Cards $100.00 USD

“Roi Solberg has skillfully created a new way of looking at challenges and opportunities. Using the Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance has increased my understanding of the energy of the archetypes and has helped me ease my tensions, develop solutions to change, and create amazing new beginnings.”
Diane Chamness, Chamness Consulting, Milwaukee WI

“Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance is a new approach to help you evaluate your life and regain the power of your own spirit. Roi provides gentle guidance in how to understand and change the archetypal patterns you express daily.” Jean Hollands, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Mt. View CA

Roi Solberg is a new voice in an old world. Her intuitive insights have helped clients find new purpose and meaning in their lives.
~ Judy Bridges Milwaukee WI


As an intuitive consultant and hypnotherapist, I specialize in archetypal charts and medical hypnotherapy. My background is a diverse mixture of training, research, and study. I am certified as a medical hypnotherapist from the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy.Other studies include sacred contracts, archetypes, chakras, and medical intuition with Caroline Myss and Dr. Norman Shealy. Studies with Dr. Christine Page include modern mysticism, soul’s journey, and spirit mapping. I am also a Reiki Master. I studied Shamanism with Jaes Seis in Madison WI.

I work with clients in private individual consultations across the country via telephone or Skype.I  am happy to be guest speaker at your group functions, and I’m always available to share the archetypes in interviews