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I’m Roi Solberg, intuitive consultant, healer, author, and radio host. I’ve spent over 30 years helping people reconnect with their true spiritual nature.

Sometimes, life just gets muddled and you’re not sure which path to take, what turn to make, or how to become balanced with your spirit and express your soul’s purpose.

If you were asked to describe your ideal life — even the dreams and hopes that seem out of reach — what would you say?

Perhaps your ideal life has you in a completely different career, or living up in the mountains — or on a breezy beach. Maybe your ideal life is as simple (and rewarding) as falling in love and starting a family.

Whatever the dreams you have for yourself may be, here is my question for you: Are you living them now? And, if not, why? When you focus on where you currently are, what challenges you might be facing (or have recently overcome), and where you want to be, you are able to develop a strategy for redirecting your energy patterns to work for you rather than hinder you.

My work is about guiding you through an extraordinary transformational process, which many of my clients have taken to redirect their lives beyond what they thought possible.

Using my intuitive skills, I see beyond what is — to what can be in your life. I identify the archetypal patterns you’re presently living, and describe how they empower or dis-empower you. Together we explore the blocks that have kept you from achieving your dreams and how to remove them. Then, I assign homework and tasks to keep you on track as you go about creating the life you’ve dreamed of living.

Request a Consultation

I work with clients in private individual consultations or in group sessions. Many of my readings are done with clients from all over the country via telephone or Skype (which includes a recording of our session).

To learn more about how you can schedule a reading and change the direction of your life and your spiritual path, click on Consults

Tools for Change

One of the principal tools I use to help inform and guide this journey is a set of spiritual cards and a book I wrote and created called, The Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance. Both offer a unique approach to self-discover that not only explores the archetypes and patterns we create, but also helps us identify how the archetypes influence “who we think we are” . . .  and recognize the potential of who we could become.

To learn more about purchasing the Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance and how they can help you, click on About the Cards

You can also listen as I walk you through the cards in a “how-to” series of videos found on my Intro to the Cards





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