About Us

Roi Solberg, Intuitive
Author of Spirit of Archetypes

Psychic, intuitive, healer – despite my tendency to “know” things when I was a kid, none of these were ever on my “when I grow up” list.

I thought I wanted to be a tap dancer, or a dog trainer, or an actress. When I was twelve and got a horse, I definitely wanted to be a horse rancher. And after that, a writer.

But, life took over. A brief visit to California became permanent when I met my husband, married, and stayed. By the early ‘70’s my life was filled with responsibilities and any dream I ever had was a dim memory.    More…


Dorothy-photo-238x300Dorothy Rittal-McIntyre, Artist

I have loved art since I was a girl and have always had an eye for color and design. As a young adult, I fell in love with art deco and Maxfield Parrish with all of his intense colors and the magical tone his pictures have. Later on I discovered the fun of adding collage as it gives a lot of freedom to the design element and adds a depth that I find intriguing.

The archetype project was a magical and life-changing experience for me, in my art and my life. I worked on six archetypes at a time, creating a watercolor background, choosing letters from newspapers, and gathering images from my picture collection.  More…