Cartoons of Chinese Food

Cartoons of Chinese Foods—every time I think of this typo in the first printing of THE CARETAKER, I have to laugh. Not that typos are funny in the book that you’ve just published and very proudly announced to the world—well, a small portion of the world, anyway.

Editing is never-easy and never-ending. The manuscript was edited by no less than six or seven people, each of us went over it numerous times. I ran each chapter through two software programs for editing and still, things got through.

The only thing one can do is say— Ah, so —and move on.

The good news about self-printing on Create Space is that you can edit and repost as opposed to waiting until your publisher’s print run is done and another run can be corrected and loaded.

The copy that is now for sale doesn’t have any cartoons of Chinese Food, sorry, you’ll have to get your own.