UW Writer’s Institute—April 2018

April in Wisconsin got confused, very confused and thought it was January. Operating as an efficient January, April opened up the heavens and blew snow on high winds all over the mid-west. Lots and lots of snow and icy roads.

I’d flown to Madison to attend the  Writer’s Institue Conference with my Writing Sisters. We didn’t let a little unusual weather slow us down. We ate, they drank, we all laughed a lot, and plotted mayhem and murder in our works in progress.

After our panel presentation on writing groups, we went out to dinner at the Old Fashion Restaurant across from the Capitol

Martha Miles and Lisa Kusko

Blair Hull and Cheryl Hanson

Julie Holmes & Barbara, Bibi Belford.
Bibi is the author of the award-winning book, Crossing the Line.
Her mid-grade books are great!!

Lisa Kusko, Roi Solberg, and Julie Holmes

Blair Hull wearing the cover of her book on her jacket. The woman knows how to promote.

Our writing mentor, Chris DeSmet, in the striped top was with us.
She has no choice, we keep hanging around and refuse to leave.

Blair Hull (author of St. Mary’s Private Dancer), Julie Holmes, Chris DeSmet (author of Fudge Shop Mysteries), and Cheryl Hanson (Ceone Finn, author of To Reap the Finest Wheat). All these books and mine, The Caretaker are available on Amazon.com