Hambone, Hambone. . .

Hambone, Hambone where you been
Round the world and I’m going again.

Remember that old folk song . . .?

While I didn’t go completely around the world, it has sure felt like it.
Since March, I’ve been either getting on or getting off an airplane.

In April, I flew to Madison for the Writer’s Institute and had a great time with my Writing Sisters. And then down to Milwaukee for a mini-reunion with friends and to celebrate the debut of my first fictional book, THE CARETAKER.

In May, we took off to France for a visit with a  dear friend, Carolyn Corelle who lived in a small village outside of Paris – Neuilly En Sancerre. She showed us around the countryside of France — it was delightful Great food, incredible wine (so they tell me) and we spent three days in Paris researching places and people for the next La Lumbre book, NO REGRETS.

Martha's Vineyard -- son, Eirik, Grandsons — Pierce, and Josh
Martha’s Vineyard — son, Eirik, Grandsons — Pierce, and Josh

July we traveled to Boston and Marblehead to celebrate the 4th  with our eldest son, Scott, and his family.

Last dinner in Marblehead before returning to CA
Last dinner in Marblehead before returning to CA





Then a quick ferry ride over to Martha’s Vineyard for a week in the sun and surf.

I did the sun, not the surf. It was a great time to be with family.


We came home and immediately adopted a puppy. She’s an Australian Shepherd, and her name is Keiko, Japanese meaning blessed child.

Keiko at 7 weeks and at 4 months
Keiko at 7 weeks and at 4 months

She’s five months old now and a delight. She keeps up hopping.




Scott and family visit in August
Scott and family visit in August

I had planned on staying home the rest of the year after Scott and his family visited in August. However, you know how the best-laid plans go.



In September, I made an emergency trip to Memphis to be with my sister who’d had two brain surgeries within a week to remove a hematoma. She’s doing great I’m happy to report. I’m amazed at her recovery and so appreciate all the support from family and friends.

I returned in time to repack and leave for to Chicago for a week. My husband worked, I played and visited with a few of my Writing Sisters. And managed to get some writing time.

I find I can write while I travel. How about you?

My suitcase is unpacked—affirming that I’m home for a while.
NaNoWriMo begins today, November 1st—are you participating?

It’s pure insanity, isn’t it?
And yes, I’m signed up and ready to go.
But then sanity has never been one of my strong points.

Now hustling to complete the next book in the La Lumbre series.