Spirit of Archetypes

“Archetypes allow the greater personality that is waiting within to be expressed or brought to life.”

Carl Jung, Archetypes and
the Collective Unconscious.

What is an archetype?

An archetype is an energy pattern of expression or thought. These universal thought forms or patterns are active from birth.

Each archetype has an illuminated and an unilluminated (or “shadow”) aspect to its personality. The shadow archetype is an unilluminated or unknown part of you waiting to be expressed or healed.

Once you identify the archetypes you are expressing, you can decide if they are empowering or dis-empowering you. Then you have choice to develop a strategy to change the story you are currently living to one that will allow the greater personality within you to be brought to life.

Out of the hundreds of archetypes studied throughout history, I selected forty-eight that offer dramatic insights to the patterns and possibilities of your life. The archetypes were artistically conceptualized by artist Dorothy Rittal-McIntyre.

Using the Spirit of Archetype Cards
The cards were created as a tool for self-discovery as you examine how you are choosing to live your life. The Spirit of Archetypes cards guide you in exploring who you are and who you can become. When you focus on where you currently are, what challenges you might be facing (or have recently overcome), and where you want to be, you are able to develop a strategy for redirecting your energy patterns to work for you rather than hinder you.

  • Who are you?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What dreams are waiting to be created?

The Spirit of Archetype Cards provide a life-map to guide you in answering these questions and connect you to the physical, spiritual, and divine levels of your life. I have provided a selection of card layouts, which are structured to create the most insightful pathway for you to gather information on any issue or challenge you choose to explore or change.

Set includes: · 48 Beautifully Illustrated Cards
· Comprehensive Book
· Quick Guide
· Presented in a lovely, hinged box

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Spirit of Archetypes
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